Even though this shoot was done in the middle of winter, they are (unfortunately) so relevant to today! I still don't understand how it is physically snowing in April (#globalwarming), but whatever it is, I'm sure you all got enough complaining on your own social media haha. These photos were taken literally on impulse, as Alex and I were returning our car rental and saw this amazing bridge and couldn't help but pull into a random garage and jump out and take photos! Shooting in the rain/snow is always fun, unless of course you have to take of your coat. On the plus side, I got one last wear out of these boots before I have to (hopefully) pack them up for the rest of the year!

Photos: Alex | Location: Chicago, 55th Street | Coat: Zara | Sweater: Thrifted | Shirt: Zara | Boots: DSW

Have a lovely Tuesday!
(And stay warm!)




There could not be a better way to end your week than with a does of cuteness ~


#cantdeal I want them.
Takin tips from the babes. Most of these photos are linked to their Instagram account where you can squeal over more adorable fashion!
Which one was your favorite?

OH! Also, if you've been keeping up with my Facebook page and Twitter, you might have heard the news--I'm so very honored and thrilled to be listed in TeenVogue's top 10 fashion bloggers! I couldn't have done this without all of your support and hearting of my photos on their site (you can check out my profile and heart, here, teehee!) xx

ALSO, thank you so very much to Rivista Di Moda for featuring me on the cover of the February issue of their online publication!! I am actually speechless and so honored! This shoot was the product of Alex's incredible photography, hours of ideation and editing, and almost getting frostbite! (Yes, this was shot in the middle of one of Chicago's polar vortexes -- (shh, don't tell my parents!))

You can read this full online issue here: http://bit.ly/1iAoPc6 !

Again, I just want to thank you all so very much for your incredible support these past 8 months--it has been an incredible journey and I'm so honored for your readership, kind words, and love! I'll make it up to you in a giveaway? :D No but really, you all are amazing, thank you.




Location: UChicago | Jacket: c/o Persunmall
White Shirt: c/o Sammy Dress | Boots: c/o Zappos

Now that Alex is in France for the quarter, I've had to figure out how to operate my own camera, with limited success (oh well). But because I know most of you are probably only here for her stellar photography, you can still keep up with her work on her new photography blog as she documents her life in France! Check it out and leave some love: The Corner Slate xx In the meantime, I hope you all don't mind putting up with my amateur self-timer mess.

Anywho, since I am down to a tripod, I've been scouting out incredibly remote locations around campus to be able to take photos (how horrifying would it be to be caught in the act hahaha) so I'm back on my favorite roof! I'll go roof-hopping soon, and try to find something a bit more scenic for next time ahah c; 

This beautiful jacket was gifted to me by Persunmall, and I am absolutely in love! Not only does it have birds all over it (#winner!), it's the perfect weight for spring and can easily make things interesting! Take a peek at this beauty for yourself, here

Also! (phew this is getting lengthy) For the final post in the #macyscampustour series, I'm chatting about Macy's fashion for college! For me, light jackets are one of my favorite and most-worn things in my closet (excluding scarves hehe c; )--they are so versatile and great for any event, from classes to studying to interviews! (plus you can never say no to another layer with Chicago's weather and wind when walking to class!). A few of my favorites from their collection can be found here, here, and here!

Hope you're having a great start to the week! xx


P.S. I'm awaiting your suggestions for shoot locations! c;
P.P.S. Check out this post on teenvogue, here: http://fashionclick.teenvogue.com/post/s-o-l-o



Good morning! First just want to apologize for not having the chance to post for the past week--I think it's the longest I've gone without posting anything new! As you may know, spring quarter here at UChicago just started and so I've been all over the place in terms of organization and schedules; worry not--I'll be back in the blogging rhythm in no time! Hope you all had a lovely week (and enjoyed the break from my blog hehe)!

"Athletic" fashion has been running around (bad pun intended c; ) here and there and I'm personally a *reserved* fan of this trend (not supporting the re-popularization of Nike and Adidas, which are both on the Boycott List) but I really do enjoy, among other things, the upgraded sweatpants, boxy silhouettes, and varsity jackets and shirts. The latter can basically be worn with everything and I've been wanting to do just that! I put together three little mood boards using this varsity tshirt from Macy's as the basis and adding a few things here and there from little favorite socially-responsible stores like Angela Roi and sponsor Persunmall. Hope you enjoy!

Which one was your favorite? How would you wear this shirt? 

Happy Sunday!


Oh! And the winner of the Iranian New Years giveaway is Sandy K--congratulations! You'll be contacted shortly! c; Thanks again to everyone who entered! Let me know if you all like this sort of thing and I can make it happen more often! xx


*This post was sponsored by Macy's for the #Macyscampustour campaign


Tea time with mum // The studio for the day // Peach blossoms in our backyard in Oklahoma // Flying back to Chicago for the start of spring quarter! 

Beautiful gifts from: Persunmall // Zappos // 4 All Humanity and the Anchal Project (thank you!) 

Checking out my friends' amazing art exhibit: South Side In Focus (with friends pretending to be nonchalant in front of the camera, haha) // Our Haftseen table for Iranian New Years! // Interviewed by the beauty behind LivinLikeLarz!

One of our many blizzards // Conferencing (that's a verb, right?) with Zach // It actually does not stop snowing here

Phew, hadn't realized how long it had been since my last Instagram roundup! Hope you enjoy the little snipbits of my life these past several weeks! Today officially starts the last quarter of this academic year at UChicago and I'm so excited to see what it all brings. Thanks again for letting me share my journey with you!

All photos are from my Instagram -- @hodaaak
How have you been spending your time? (Also feel free to leave your Instagram handles--I'd love to peruse through your galleries!)

Happy Monday!





Just a quick little post of a few of my favorite things from the Free People section at Macy's for the #macyscampustour campaign! Definitely getting ready for warm weather and white dresses--let's just hope Chicago will be as warm as it is in Oklahoma right now when I return! (I swear if it snows one more time...) 
P.S. seriously though..if anyone wants to get me that first white dress as an early/late birthday/holiday of any sort present...

Check out the full collection here! http://bit.ly/1hkjfxz

Sorry for the quick post--got to start packing for the restart of classes! 
Hope you're all having a lovely Saturday! xx
Which one is your favorite?



*This is a sponsored post by Macy's 


Two things I learned from this shoot: tripods and self-timers are stupid, and The Anchal Project makes, hands-down, the best scarves.

For those used to my usual style of photography--busy and scenic (take my last shoot with Alex, for example) I have been turning in the opposite direction now that Alex has left me (for a quarter-long study abroad program in France, pshh) (no worries--I'll see her again in 2.5 months..IN MOROCCO! Okay more on that later I promise!)

So this is my first set of photos with a tripod and self-timer! Not bad, eh? The weather was that warm-but-breezy combination that made it perfect to shoot with my new toy scarf from the Anchal Project! Scarves are definitely on the top of my everyday-wear list (haha I actually do wear one everyday! c;) and so doubling up seemed like a no-brainer. Especially when you need to add a little something special to a monochrome look. Also, fun fact (mostly me just predicting your questions ahead of time) yes, I can wear any type of scarf on my head (so long as it covers my hair); it does not have to be specifically/specially made!

Anyway, trying to avoid rambling by starting new paragraphs but apparently it's not working because here I go again (#whoops). (I think this is just what happens when I get really hyped up to share something with you!) Regardless, I'm actually so very excited to have gotten the chance to work with the Anchal Project, as they easily made the top on my ethical brands list--the fact that they are actually a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is just testament to their honest goals and vision!

This scarf is *actually* the softest article of clothing my skin had the pleasure of touching (and as you can see from the photos, I couldn't stop playing with it)! Handmade from two layers of vintage sari (uh, how cool is that!?) these beauties not only help fund the education and healthcare of marginalized women in India, but also help the fight against the sex-slave industry.

As many of the artisans at the Anchal Project were former sex workers, this organization helps empower women through financial independence and strong community-building. Moreover, the Anchal Project "builds a scholarship fund targeted to the most at-risk children of commercial sex workers" who are a part of their program. And so you can tell that this brand is truly making strides in the improvement of the lives of these women and girls.

And this is just what fashion should be~

Be sure to check out their *NEW* spring line here: (http://bit.ly/1hbIqSK) and show them some good lovin' on their facebook page here: (http://on.fb.me/1m75yT9)

ALSO (no, I didn't think this post could get any longer, either but) you can ENTER TO WIN your very own ethical scarf from the Anchal Project (& more!) in the giveaway (here)! (which is also conveniently plastered all over my social media everywhere) But hurry because less than one week left to enter!

Blouse: Zara // Boots: c/o Zappos // Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters // Scarf: c/o Anchal Project

Have a lovely Thursday!



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